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Cindy Ashton, Messaging and Presentation Strategist and Christina Daves, 

Publicity Strategist, have successfully trained 1000's of people on
Messaging, Branding, and Media.

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4x their visibility, influence, and sales!
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 "With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now."

Doug Brown
Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins

 I had five phone calls from potential clients
from the time I left the television studio (after the live segment aired) until I got back to the office."

Antrina Curry, RN
Founder, Caring Hearts with Healing Hands Home Care

 "I knew the sales process inside and out but was only getting average results. After only 5 sessions with Cindy Ashton, my close rate doubled. 

Paul Fernandez
CEO & Designer at Kitchen Koncierge

Work with Cindy and Christina

 "In a very short time Christina was able to get my product ZippedMe exposed on national media which has increased my sales and given me a positive rate of return."

Jody Harris

 "Since I have been working with Cindy, my ability to command the stage and convert sales has gone up at least 200%. My content has a flow that gets my message across with clarity that captivates the audience. It has been so much fun to work with her and I love how she brings in her unconventional style and pulls out the best in me and does not try to make me fit a mold." 

Dana Pharant
Trusted Advisor and Business Performance Coach."