Meet Christina & Cindy!

It all began on an October afternoon in 2019... Christina watched Cindy deliver a presentation and said to herself, "Okay, she has amazing skills, I have to work with that woman!"

Cindy started coaching Christina and thought, "OMG she is brilliant, I have to work with her!."

March 2020 hit and they realized how desperately people needed to learn how to market themselves and stand out in a virtual world.

They combined their skills in PR, Presentation, Messaging and Sales and POOF, Captivate and Cash In was born!

Our Credentials...

Christina Daves

Publicity Strategist, Award-Winning Inventor, On-Air Expert/Host, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker

"Get massive visibility for your product, service, or brand using my easy to follow system, the Get PR Famous Formula. Three easy steps to be an A-Lister in your industry: Be Newsworthy, Create Great Hooks, and Find the Right Journalist"
  • Together with my clients we have over 1 billion views and over $100 million in sales from free publicity.
  • Best-selling author of PR for Anyone® 100+ Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz for Your Business and #1 best-selling book, The DIY Guide to FREE Publicity.
  • Award-winning inventor (
  • Named Steve Harvey's Top Inventor on his Emmy® Award Winning Show.
  • Personally appeared in over 1,000 media outlets including Today, Dr. Oz, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Forbes, Entrepreneur, FOX Business, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Sirius XM, and more.
  • Keynote speaker and corporate trainer for companies like Disney, American Marketing Association, Vistage, all major U.S. based residential real estate companies,  and many more (learn more at
  • On-Air Expert on branding, social media, and marketing
  • Television Host specializing in products.
  • Regular segment on Good Morning Washington on ABC.
  • Close to 100,000 social media followers. 
  • Verified on Twitter.

Cindy Ashton

Presentation Trainer, Award-Winning TV Host, Keynote Speaker

"Get massive visibility with messaging and presentation  strategies specifically designed to build connection, engagement, influence and sales."

  • Proven track record of helping her clients increase their visibility, influence and sales by 4X
  • 20 years of experience in the areas of presentation skills, speaking voice, body language, content delivery, messaging, storytelling and leadership presence.
  • Degree in Kinesiology, specializing in Relaxation Therapy.
  • 20+  years of keynote speaking, leading presentation training and developing  strategy for companies such as MetLife, Royal LePage, and the  University of Toronto.
  • Former educational consultant for the Royal Conservatory of Music,  specializing in teaching educators how to build curriculum that  integrates all 8 learning styles - nationally published twice.
  • 25 years as a performing artist working with Broadway directors, Emmy winners, and more.
  • Award-winning TV host of “Cindy Uncorked” on e360tv - won the Telly Award for Social Issues in 2018, alongside CBS News.
  • Author of “Liberate Your Voice: How to Trust Your Power in a World That Shuts You Down.”
  • Awards from President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II for my volunteer work.
  • Appeared in multiple media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.

Why we do what we do & the fun stuff...

In  2010, I invented a product, fashion accessories for medical boots.   Everyone loved the concept but what I didn’t consider was that I had created an entirely new space in the marketplace. No one knew they  “needed” to decorate their boots. We had mortgaged our house to pay for   manufacturing so when the product arrived, I had no money left for   advertising or hiring a PR firm.

I started doing a ton of research and became a DIY-PR expert. In my first year in business I appeared in over 50 media outlets including The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, and my local FOX and NBC stations. Once I started getting media exposure and seeing what that did for my business, I knew I had to keep going. To date, I’ve appeared in over 1,000 media outlets and even have a monthly segment on Good Morning Washington.

I know what PR can do for a business. I've seen it first hand and I've seen it with my clients. They use the credibility and authority that comes with it, as well as the visibility and they grow their business tremendously.

There is nothing I love more than turning on my television or flipping through a magazine and seeing a client there - WOW!!! I'm like a proud momma bear.

When I'm not on stage, screen or with our clients, I love going to the beach with my family, taking long walks or bike rides with my husband Steve, watching hockey (Go Caps!) or college football (Go Hokies!) and enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay.

I immigrated to the US right after the 2008 economic crash. Although I had an established career singing opera, doing comedy shows and being a 2X nationally published Educational Consultant, suddenly I found myself in a new country, with no connections and during the worst possible time. I had just spent $100,000 in the immigration process and had nothing left to invest.

As a performing artist, it is all about connection and delivering the right message for the right audience. I got out there and 'figured out' how to market myself on social media and land media to gain visibility. Within a year, I was performing with Emmy® winners, sharing stages as a speaker with some of the biggest names on the planet, landing massive press and even got an award from the U.S. President.

The power of how you present yourself is everything. I love working with our clients on how to bring out their best self in their presentation style, communicate their message to the world and be an A-Lister in their Industry!

When I am not on stage, screen or with our clients, I love to travel the world, play with my sister's dogs and have crazy adventures (I once got knocked over by an ass while hiking up a cliff in Greece!).