Do YOU have what it takes to be an A-Lister in Your Industry?

Are you seen as "Famous" in your field?

Are you:

That's how YOU get hired!!!

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Our results say it all:

 "I was published in the newspaper and that resulted in my landing five $1 million+ listings in 6 weeks and selling over $20 million my first year in real estate.

Dustin Fox
Pearson Smith Realty

 "It’s about sales conversions as well as speaking training. With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now."

Doug Brown
Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins

 "I got 5 calls for people wanting to hire me before I even got back to the office after my television appearance on Coast Live where I talked about caregiver burnout on National Caregiver Day."

Antrina Curry RN
Caring Hearts With Healing Hands Home Care

 "I am noticing that people are listening to me more and I am feeling more heard and respected. I highly recommend Cindy whether you plan to stand up in front of thousands or be a better presenter in  your business " 

Lise Brenner
Communication Coach

How did our clients get those results?
We know what works!

We know how to help you attract your ideal buyers and sellers through video, presentation, social media and
traditional media (TV/Print/Radio)

Are YOU next?   



Craft your message and story to get people to listen to you.


Develop speaking voice, body language and presence skills to captivate anyone.


Use PR and media to get people to LOVE you!


Deliver unforgettable experiences to draw in clients and build a following.


Create compelling videos that people actually watch.


Create better social media posts to get people to engage with you.

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking for a quick fix (such as getting fake press).
  • Like buying into hype (such as paying to be pictured with a celebrity).
  • Would rather come across as overly polished and "slick" than being your authentic self.
  • Want canned scripts, tools and systems that aren’t customized for you.
  • Don’t have a niche in your expertise and you believe you can sell to everyone.
Are looking for the cheapest solution

This IS for you if you:

  • Want real media attention and the credibility that comes with it.
  • Are ready to own your unique voice and be seen as a powerful force on this earth.
  • Value working with consultants and trainers who have a proven track record of results and have achieved the success you are seeking.
  • Want to stand out from the noise and make an impact.
  • Crave to authentically connect with bigger influencers to raise your public profile.
Are looking for the cheapest solution

 "My ability to command attention and convert sales has gone up at least 200%. I am way more confident and my talks and videos have a flow that gets my message across with clarity that captivates the audience."

Dana Pharant
Trusted Advisor & Business Performance Coach

 "When I came across this program, I truly felt that I had hit the motherlode!

Out of all of the programs I have bought and the thousands of dollars I have spent, this program is the best value I have ever received.

Elizabeth Phinney 
Fitness Advisor

 "I knew the sales process inside and out but was only getting average results. After only 5 sessions, my close rate doubled. The missing piece was how to present myself in a way that forms a deeper connection with my prospects so they feel compelled to buy."

Paul Fernandez
CEO & Designer at Kitchen Koncierge

 "Applying the strategies I learned, I appeared in over 30 media outlets in 3-1/2 months including Women's Health Magazine, The Washington Post,, " Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report, NBC, and more. This has changed my life!"

Cedric Stewart
Keller Wiliams

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